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Staying in touch with your customers has never been so informative!

Choose a Professionally Written eSurvey Template.

With iNewsBLITZ you can quickly setup your eSurvey campaign by choosing a professionally written template from our iNewsBLITZ survey library. Simply select the Online Survey template that best suits your survey campaign, add your company logo and voilà; your eSurvey is ready to be sent out to your customers.

If you prefer, our eSurvey writing team can create a personalized template that better suits your business needs.

Customize Your eSurvey

The iNewsBLITZ eSurvey system lets your modify your survey’s welcome and thank you messages. iNewsBLITZ also lets you modify the default eSurvey email text that will be used for online survey delivery.

Choose Your Recipients and Send Your Email Marketing Campaign.

You can regroup your contacts in multiple targeted mailing lists to meet your various campaign criteria. When you are ready to send out your eSurvey campaign, iNewsBLITZ will let you select from your various established mailing lists and even add contacts manually.

Your contacts can belong to one or more of your lists without duplicating the information in your contacts database, which means your contacts will only receive your eSurvey campaign once.

You can choose to send your survey immediately, or if you prefer, you can schedule it to be sent later. A scheduled survey will be sent at the chosen date and time. This allows you to manage better your campaigns, resources as well as the efficiency of your online mailings.

Track Your eSurvey.

Survey campaign statistics are returned as soon as your eSurvey is sent out. Statistics are made available in various graphs and charts and include metrics such as:

  • Survey campaigns that have been sent;
  • Survey campaigns that have been read;
  • Survey campaigns that are still unread;
  • Survey campaigns that have bounced back;
  • The reason why survey campaigns have bounced back;
  • Contacts that have opted-out from receiving further campaigns.

These statistics let you easily manage your contacts and mailing lists ensuring that you always have accurate contact information.

Results in Real Time

Results are returned as soon as your eSurvey is sent out. Results statistics are also made available and include:

  • Surveys started;
  • Surveys completed;
  • Average of questions answered;
  • Breakdown of eSurvey campaign answers.

When your eSurvey is complete, or to help you keep track of your Online Survey’s progress, current survey results and answers can be either printed as a PDF documents or exported as a CSV file.

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